Our Services

Our skilled team of biomedical engineers is ready at your service. VAHEED provides efficient support in maintaining the various equipment in healthcare facilities and ensuring they are fully functional. Other services we provide include:

Biomedical Engineering

To us, biomedical engineering is about much more than just supply and advice that we provide on the selection and use of medical equipment, including supervising the performance of medical devices, testing and maintenance of medical equipment.

At VAHEED, we offer value-based engineering services for medical equipment that go beyond the tendering process. VAHEED provides a wide range of services for healthcare facilities and covers the entire lifecycle, including after sales support. Our service business is based on a modular structural approach in VAHEED value chain, and spans from technical, commercial and infrastructure project management to total operational management, maintenance of equipment for hospitals. Through its value engineering, VAHEED offers advisory services including matching specifications based on market knowledge and expertise in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Medical Equipment Turnkey

As the leading UAE-based Medical Equipment Supply and Installation experts, our skilled team of engineers in the biomedical field, through guidance and expertise ensure site preparation for hospitals, and offer advice to clients based on the right equipment, purpose and use.

Medical technology is constantly evolving and has a direct effect on the occupancy of room as well as the clinical operations of a hospital. At VAHEED, we believe, in order to maximize client’s budget and achieve the best financial goals, professional medical equipment preparation is important.

VAHEED provides the latest best-practice solutions and advice to help you maximize your healthcare facility’s medical technology, meet the challenges of a rapidly changing healthcare market, and ensure competitiveness. We cover the full cycle of medical equipment planning from concept to delivery. In addition, we also offer support, procurement management services, and installation and commissioning supervision.

Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance

VAHEED offers biomedical, supply and installation, testing commissioning, training and maintenance of all medical devices to assist in compliance and ensure the accuracy and reliability of equipment performance. VAHEED strictly follows manufacturer’s guidance for the testing and maintenance requirements of medical devices. Our value engineering advisory services focus on:
  • Acceptance tested prior to clinical application (VAHEED ensures this requirement is met based on client-provided specifications)
  • Maintained with reference to supplier or manufacturer’s instructions
  • Subjected to routine performance verification to ensure medical equipment and devices are free from component failure and damage
  • Increase the lifetime of equipment in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines and thus decrease the frequency of buying new equipment
  • At regular intervals, monitoring and servicing helps to identify any problems until they worsen and thus control the costs associated with the use and maintenance of equipment
  • Minimize downtime and maximize uptime for serving the patient

Design and Planning

VAHEED understands the complexities and challenges that our team faces in planning projects in the healthcare sector. Our professional and well-established team has the knowledge and expertise required in the designing of value-adding solutions, has an overall view and acts independently of suppliers and manufacturers – a team that is built on shared values and one that can be trusted to deliver. This is the true value VAHEED offers.

The design stage is important as this allows us to cross-check that we meet the plans of our clients and comply with international standards and local regulations. We promise advanced and state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology to our clients. From our knowledge and expertise, we are able to detect any potential issues and accordingly advise before they arise. Various considerations are taken into account when conducting the design analysis such as; safety practices, supply needs, and other specifications as instructed by the client.

Whether it is project structuring, preparation, resource planning, budgeting, or schedule monitoring and adjustment: VAHEED takes all desired steps in the full interest of the client depending on the project order from client specifications and assumes overall responsibility.

VAHEED experts, comprising a competent and well-coordinated team, have the technical know-how to plan projects from inception to execution and assume the full responsibility for complete implementation. Our team focuses on future-based technical solutions and is adept at helping clients out at different stages of the whole process.


Developing a strong, dependable infrastructure is the foundation of successful operation. Working within budgets and schedules is one of VAHEED’s top priorities. With the highest quality and reliability, VAHEED has established itself as one of the leading contractors in the UAE and around the world.

We always strive to be compliant, and up-to-date with guidelines and requirements that meet international standards. We provide our clients with proper documentation that matches their needs for all the offered services at VAHEED, as a guarantee for excellence in what we do.