Meet the Team

Jaroslav Jurcizak


Vaheed is a company on a mission and on the move to lead in healthcare innovation. We are motivated by the opportunity to demonstrate a prominent role in the management of health, generating value for patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare systems around the world.

We see a growing need for safe and cost-effective solutions and we are seizing the opportunities ahead of us. We have employees and shareholders who are incredibly proud of the role we play in healthcare and are excited about our potential. As the CEO of the company, I see an integration of science, technology, and amazing people that is going to define us in the years to come.

Shahnaz Chalmers

Shahnaz Chalmers

Managing Director

Vaheed is a testament to what can be accomplished when there is a sincere desire to serve. As we continue to grow exponentially, we have made a tremendous impact on value-based quality care for manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers of healthcare solutions.

We are recognized at local and international levels as a leader, focusing on the significance and relevance of the ever-evolving healthcare industry. Our staff has remained motivated and responsive to the many changes we have witnessed in the years gone by. Being the Managing Director, I am ecstatic to know how our team will grow more hereon and lead the way in healthcare service.

Cherry Pagco-So

Finance Director

Cherry is a strong pillar of the organization. She graduated from a top university with a degree in Financial Management and comes with a sea of experience in field of healthcare and multinational companies with diverse culture and activities. Cherry has been associated with VAHEED since 2011 and with her hard work and dedication climbed the ladder of success within the organization and now she plays a key part of VAHEED’s outstanding team. As the Finance Director, Cherry helms the organization’s financial operations to develop effective strategies towards improving financial performance and stability.

Abhilash Vijayan

Head of Biomedical Engineering

Abhilash completed his post-graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering in one of the top universities in Asia and has over 15 years of work experience in the UAE in which he spent over 5 years working for Dubai Health Authority, with additional 5 years of experience from multispecialty hospitals in Asia. He is well experienced in tendering and execution of Hospital projects. With an outstanding technical and team management skills, Abhilash has been a successful member of VAHEED‘s team in fulfilling clients‘ requirements in providing the latest technology platform. His team spirit, commitment and hard work to obtain a high level of quality in delivering the project is an outstanding quality that has always been highly appreciated.